Batman: The Knight of Gotham is a comic book series written by Sci100.

These are different scenes from the Knight of Gotham Trilogy put into Lego Comic form. Here's the link where I make my comics: test

Volume 1: The Knight of GothamEdit

Issue 1 - The Murder of the WaynesEdit

Issue 2 - Birth of the BatmanEdit

Issue 3 - Escape From the CopsEdit

Issue 4 - Battle of Wayne ManorEdit

Issue 5 - Owlman Versus BatmanEdit

Volume 2: The Knight of KryptonEdit

Superman Arrives in GothamEdit

Bane Breaks Batman and SupermanEdit

Bruce HealsEdit

The Batman Saves SupermanEdit

Lex Versus The World's Greatest HeroesEdit

Volume 3: The Knight of FearEdit

Batman at the DocksEdit

Roman and ScarecrowEdit

Black Mask DiesEdit

Scarecrow Versus BatmanEdit

Crane Meets Ra's Al GhulEdit

Volume 4: The Knight of ShadowsEdit

Talia Meets BruceEdit

The Rise of Ra's Al GhulEdit

The Son of the BatmanEdit

Kidnapped and RescuedEdit

Endgame, Part 1Edit

Endgame, Part 2Edit